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We are Stone Care Experts.

We offer expert stone and tile restoration and maintenance and services for residential, commercial, and institutional properties throughout the Atlanta GA metro area.

Our expertise is in restoring, protecting, and maintaining stone and terrazzo floors, countertops, and walls in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Stone Floors

We clean, polish, repair and protect damaged marble, travertine / saturnia, granite, onyx, slate, and more.


We expertly clean, polish, protect and repair your stone countertops. Marble, granite, quartzite, soapstone, and more

Terrazzo Floors

Let's stop the perpetual cycle of strip and wax. We have a better, more lasting solution to achieve the shine you are looking for.

Bath & Showers

Bath and showers have unique issues because of the wet environment, mineral deposits, soap film, mildew and more.

Exterior Stone Hardscapes

Let's get you guest ready! Your exterior stone can be cleaned and restored making your outdoor environment guest ready in no time.

Walls, Fireplaces, etc.

Every stone surface has it's own issues. We bring unique expertise to restoring walls, fireplaces, fountains, and more.

Damaged Marble Vanity Top Restored

You don’t have to replace it. ..


Marble Floor Polishing

Very dull, lifeless marble floor restored...


Granite Countertop Chip Repair

Etched granite counter before and after being polished...


Marble Etching Honed and Polished Away

Very mild etching can sometimes be removed with a polishing powder..

What You Can Always Expect From Us


We value you, your time, and your property. Expect us to be on time for appointments, and carefully protect your property while we are doing our work.


Expect amazing results. We will deliver the results we promise every time, but If something can't be done we will be honest with you and tell you up front.


Value goes beyond price. With us you can always count on a fair and honest, competitively priced estimate for the highest quality craftsmanship.

Customer calling

How can we help?

Would you like to request a free estimate? Have questions? Send us a message or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!