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Restoring Travertine Floors in Buckhead

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Client : Residential Homeowner in Buckhead GA
Info : Repair and Polish Travertine Floor to Facilitate Easy Cleaning

Project Background:

A homeowner in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta reached out to us, seeking our help with her travertine floor, with a specific need in mind.

Our client, an older woman, expressed her struggle in maintaining the unfilled travertine floor in her bathrooms. Her specific requirements were as follows: cleaning the travertine, addressing the holes, and ultimately achieving a polished finish for improved ease of cleaning.

Project Execution:

Our approach to addressing the client’s needs involved a series of steps to repair and polish the travertine floors:

1. Cleaning:

We began by thoroughly cleaning the entire surface. We utilized a specialized tile cleaner to eliminate dirt, grime, and any surface contaminants that had accumulated over time.

2. Hole Repair:

The most critical aspect of this project was filling the holes in the travertine. We addressed this challenge by carefully cleaning each hole with acetone, ensuring that the epoxy resin would adhere effectively. Afterward, we employed an epoxy resin made specifically to fill holes in travertine to expertly fill the voids, providing a smooth, even surface.

3. Sanding:

Once the holes were filled, we sanded the floor flat.

4. Honing:

We then honed the floor to erase scratches and damage. Honing involves progressively finer abrasives to bring out the natural beauty of the travertine. This stage contributed to enhancing the stone’s appearance and ensuring the next step, polishing, would yield optimal results.

5. Polishing:

In the final phase of the project, we applied professional-grade polishing techniques to bring out the luster and shine of the travertine floors. This step not only improved the aesthetics of the floor but also helped to make cleaning the floor, and keeping it looking clean, so much easier.

Client Satisfaction:

The results of our repair and polishing process were met with immense satisfaction from the client. She was so pleased with the results that she asked us to send her before and after images so she could be our greatest cheerleader!  She also left us a wonderful 5-star review on Google:

“Dez has done a superb job cleaning, filling and polishing our travertine floors. He is very punctual, conscientious and skilled. He knows how to bring the beauty and shine to natural stones. Very nice to work with. Highly recommend him. Thanks Dez for a job well done.”

Do you have problems with being able to keep your unfilled travertine floors looking great? We can help! We can fill holes seamlessly, then hone and polish to the level of shine that suits your taste. Reach out to us today to schedule a free estimate. Send us a message on our CONTACT FORM or give us a call at (404) 984-5598.
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