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Fixing a Large Crack at the Sink

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Client : Residential Homeowner in Atlanta, GA
Info : Over time, a large crack had developed in front of the sink. It was so deep, the metal support rod was visible.

Problem: A large crack formed in the granite countertop in front of the sink. We were called in to evaluate the problem to see if it could be fixed.

Our Solution: Remove the metal sink rod that caused the cracking issue in the first place without further damage to the granite and then restore the area to like-new condition.

First, we made sure to protect the cabinets and floor from any cast-off that may occur. Then we cut the cracked piece loose at the seam. Once the seam was cut, to avoid any other damage to the piece from grinder vibration, the technician carefully broke the piece off by hand.

Once the piece was loose and the steel rod was removed, we cleaned both parts to remove all the rust, glue residue, dirt, and grime that had accumulated over time. After the pieces were dry, the service technician used a two-part epoxy that he tinted with color to match the existing granite and put the two pieces back together.

Once the epoxy was set and dry, we sanded and polished the repaired granite to a smooth, shiny finish to match the rest of the kitchen. After the repair was complete, DEZ Services cleaned and resealed the rest of the kitchen.

The homeowner was thrilled and left us a very nice 5-star Google review: Start and finish of entire process was carefully done with quality and assurance.

DEZ Services specializes in granite restoration, providing the same dramatic results you see in these images. Whether your natural stone is in your kitchen, bathroom, or another area of your home, we can expertly restore your granite, leaving your stone as beautiful as the day it was installed. For a FREE estimate in the Atlanta GA metro area, fill out our online CONTACT FORM or call (404) 984-5598 today.
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